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90s Girl Power Playlist

I was packing more boxes two days ago, and couldn't find an all-female playlist of 90s music I considered . . . adequate. At all. So I made one:

"Oh, are you a bitch?" my husband asked, when I told him.

"I'm a lover, a child, and a mother," I replied.

"Is Johnny angry?"

"Johnny is so damn angry and I'm only happy when it rains," I said.

"But what if God was one of us?" He gave me a look.

"He'd be a stranger on the bus," I told him. "On the other hand, I don't know where all the cowboys have gone, and I'll kiss you behind the broken tree house."

"Is Galileo's head still on the block?"

"Dude, his crime was looking up the truth. But I sure as hell saw the sign."

Then I subjected my sons to it. They put up with it the way they put up with most of my music, which is to say in a kind of vaguely annoyed silence.

And isn't it ironic: my oldest LOVES my books set in the 90s. Loves them.

Whatever. I'm getting a little bit closer to feeling fine.

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