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Young Adult Novels by Writer and Author Elizabeth Broadbent

He Called Me Beautiful (multiple best seller) has been removed for rewrites.

#1 Best Seller Teen & Young Adult Fiction about LGBTQ+ Issues
#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult Fiction about LGBTQ+ Issues
#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult Theater Fiction

When James and Heath were ten, they promised never to lie to each other— ever. But James comes out during auditions for the school musical, and his formerly inseparable BFF goes MIA. When James corners him, his best friend confesses not to homophobia, but to a crippling crush... on James.


Best friends in love: sounds perfect. But Heath says he's straight, and even if he loves James, it has to stay on the down low. Throw in a performance of Fiddler on the Roof plus a vicious high school gossip mill— Heath's drowning. To be with his kindergarten bestie, Heath has to confront who he really is... then convince James he's serious. Heath's scared. He's crushing hard. And if he wants James, he's got to make his best friend believe in him.


#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult Fiction about LGBTQ+ Issues
#1 New Release City & Town Issues

  1. I meet West at a concert, and he decides we should be boyfriends for the night.

  2. We kiss on the subway.

  3. In the morning, he begs me to see him again.

  4. I drive out to his place in Jersey, where we wear fur hats in his hot tub during a blizzard, drinking nonalcoholic mint juleps, no parents in sight.

  5. We catch snowflakes on our tongues.

  6. He recites poetry in public.

Is this real life?

But as I see West more and more, the cracks begin to show. Maybe my manic pixie dream boy isn't what he seems. Maybe manic pixie dream boys are too weird for the real world, anyway. Maybe my high school would eat him alive. Maybe West is the weird kid.

Maybe I don't want to be the weird kid with him.

But what if one person's weird is another person's beautiful?

#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult Fiction about LGBTQ+ Issues
#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Depression

Malcolm: West and I have always moved through our own world, away from dust and ugliness. But I need to work, and as my job — which I love — becomes more demanding, West seethes with jealousy. Why can't he see that I have to sock away cash for college? Oh, right: because he has white carpets and sofas and maids. Meanwhile, he jabbers about his fantastic new bestie who's slowly taking my place. I'm shunted aside, jealous, and angry. Maybe manic pixie dream boys can't exist in the real world.

West: Malcolm's work ruins our weekends. I pretend to care about it, but really, I'm jealous and angry. Why can't I have him around like before? Not only is he working all the time, he can't accept my friend Blue, the Princeton Prep loser who runs around tagging LOVE LOVE LOVE in alleyways and sneaking into fancy parties. Malcolm was always my adventure sidekick, and he thinks Blue's auditioning for his replacement. Malcolm and I had our own separate peace. But the real world's intruding...

The sequel to City of Perfect Moments, Stars Behind Clouds takes Malcolm and West into another world — a world of hard work, other people, and real obligations. A book about growing up and growing apart, Stars Behind Clouds shows that even when life changes us, our love can change along with it.

#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult Fiction about LGBTQ+ Issues
#1 New Release Homelessness & Poverty

You see, I usually find myself among strangers because I drift here and there, trying to forget the bad things that have happened to me.

That's Eliot's story, a baby-you're-a-rich-man prep school kid who throws parties like Jay Gatsby, claims half his high school as a BFF, and seldom sees his absentee parents. When he's tossed a scholarship kid to squire around, Eliot's magnetic enthusiasm takes over, and Jonas falls hard — not for the spoiled rich kid, but for the boy who spends his parties playing video games alone, eats nachos for breakfast, and takes in stray cats.

But Eliot's got a mansion and "an island? It's sort of complicated." Jonas has a seven-room millhouse, a moped, and a mom whose maid company might clean up after Eliot's glittering bashes. But his single mother loves him, while Eliot's grin hides crushing loneliness. Jonas has to fix it however he can.

But Jonas discovers Eliot's family gives out his scholarship. Eliot's old BFFs aren't thrilled their party boy's hanging with a poor kid. And Eliot's grand gestures don't translate to Jonas's paycheck-to-paycheck life. Jonas aches to give Eliot the love he needs. Eliot's aching to love him in return. But sprawling mansions and scraped-up together rent don't mix. Right?

My 13-year-old son says you should read this one. Joel Willis, former senior editor of The Dad and founder of Channel 3, calls it "cinematic." 

#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult Fiction about LGBTQ+ Issues
#1 New Release Children's Dance
#1 New Release Young Adult Performance — Dance
#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult Dance Fiction

★ Two boys.

★ Two ballets.

★ One role.

Gabe’s thrilled when he’s cast as The Nutcracker Prince— until he hears the rival ballet academy’s also performing a nontraditional Nutcracker, and super-hot, super-talented Kit is dancing the same part. Gabe has to out-dance Kit. Kit has to out-dance Gabe. Each school has to out-perform the other in the city’s annual Nutcracker Battle.

When a life-saving run-in brings Gabe and Kit together, sparks fly between two teen dancers with so much in common. Their studios hate it. Their choreographers flip out. The alternative paper scoops it as a tale of starcrossed lovers, battling ballet studios, and dueling princes. But Gabe and Kit scheme out a solution just crazy enough that, with the help of their Claras, could end the town’s Nutcracker Battle— for good.

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