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young adult author Annabeth Chatwin 



I write speculative fiction: think Flannery O'Connor and William Faulkner surrounded by a swamp with Very Bad Intentions, a generation of witches, a crappy diner in the back of a Gas N Go, and a red-dot store in nowhere, South Carolina. 

I write sci-fi, too: near-future, earth-based, lotsa AI-robot beings and people who tend a little more toward the Bret Easton Ellis end of the spectrum. 

Oh yeah, and I was on the BBC on Valentine's Day. I said AI would never take my job and joked about Shakespearian sonnets. Then I lied and said I had dinner plans. Sometimes I write nonfiction, too. Sometimes people like the BBC (or MSNBC, or CNN, or All Things Considered on NPR) decide I'm cool and stick me on TV/radio. I look like a dork. 

I used to write for Scary Mommy. We worked hard to save the world, but my favorite essay was still that one Sam Angoletta reluctantly agreed to let me write about Cocaine Bear


Like Lev Grossman said: 

I'll never write anything without breaking the rules again, because now I understand that's the whole point of everything.

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