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Sixteen-year-olds Harlan, Brooks, and Don't-Call-Me-Tiffany-Sue T. S. have zilch to do during their summer in a podunk Southern swamp town. T. S., who'd give a lesser toe (or maybe pose in Playboy) to escape, hits on an idea: if a bad tabloid can play cut-and-paste with Bigfoot photos, why can't they serve up the real thing? But as sightings spiral out of control, Brooks finds himself playing her fake boyfriend—and wishing he were the real thing. When money doesn't rain down as planned, Harlan begins to have doubts. But Brooks is crushing hard, and T. S. still wants more . . . 

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Tales to Terrify Episode 583:
For Thine is the Kingdom

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Coming Soon

A Mouthful of Roses
(Ghostlight: The Magazine of Terror)

A Living Pentecost
(If There's Anyone Left)


Questions a Man
Ought Not to Ask

A Burning Thing

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