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Electric Guitar

Speculative Work:
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, and Slipstream

Three Ways Elvis
Didn't Die

Bewildering Stories

Image by Dirk Spijkers
Image by Clément Falize


A Mouthful of

Ghostlight Press

Image by Ben Wilkins

Five Stars: "... I enjoyed them all, but I especially liked the stories by Broadbent, Spitzer, and Nowack. Super creative and gorgeously written!"

Coming again soon from
Black Beacon Books!

a Man
Ought Not
to Ask

Dark Horses:

The Magazine of
Weird Fiction


Out of the Desert

Orion's Beau

"A beautiful star-crossed lovers
short story."

Untitled design (1).png

"It's thoughtful, deft, and articulate, just like Elizabeth's other story with us."

George Washington's

The Copperfield Review

Portrait of a Woman

The Woman


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God's Honest Truth

Flash Fiction Magazine

"Wonderful story! So many truths tucked in with the humour and the truth especially of the ability to connect with someone willing to listen without judgement..."

"That had me smiling from beginning to end. As amusing as clever."

I loved the story. As an old Georgia girl, I appreciate that you resurrected Flannery O’Connor in a whole new way. You did good."

In the Canyon


The Cafe Irreal.png

Nixon Returns

The Cafe Irreal

The Doctor's Boy (Penumbric)
Blood Shed and Blood Paid (Black Shadow Lit)
A Burning Thing (Tree & Stone)
Until I Return to the Earth that Made Me (Penumbric)

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